Don’t Blast Out Emails, You’re Shoving Your Customers Away

I was reading an article on email marketing on the Aweber blog titled 6 Ways to Connect with Customers through Email. The tips were good and very foundational. If you get a second, go check them out.

The advice that stuck out to me was way #5, talk to one person instead of thousands. How many times do we receive salesy, almost generic emails and quickly delete them?

Worse yet, how many times have we sent emails like that not thinking about how we react to emails with that tone? Do we somehow think that our email is different, we’re special?

The author recommends writing the mass email as if you were writing to only one person. Think about it, are all your mass emails really for every one on your list? Probably not. Write to that one person and your message will hit your targets as the message connects with them.

If you would like to learn more about email marketing, get the free What to Write Guide on our Do It Yourself Marketing Resources page.

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