Meet a Solution to Your Sluggish Sales, Stunted Growth, or Lack of a Plan … Meet Your Marketing Coach!

brockwell-bone-marketing-coachCheck out our getting-to-know-you marketing process. Meeting with a Marketing Coach helps you …

  • Organize your thoughts and data to present where your business is
  • Gain outside, experienced insight into what your business is doing
  • Find direction to take your business to the next level
  • Stay accountable to a trusted team member

Step 1: The Marketing Audit

Don’t be afraid! Our Marketing Audit process is painless.

Our Marketing Coach will meet with you and conduct a Marketing Audit. This step in our marketing process explores your current efforts, your business goals, and gives us a full understanding of your business.

Are you sure that your marketing efforts are working?

During your Marketing Audit, your Coach will explore what metrics you have in place to measure your marketing success and identify additional opportunities where metrics can be used. If you cannot measure your success, how do you know if your monthly marketing investment is helping your business?

Step 2: Initial Marketing Coaching Session

Mostly because our Marketing Coach gets excited about businesses and can’t keep his mouth shut, you will receive a free coaching session at the conclusion of your Marketing Audit.
During this Marketing Coaching session, your Marketing Coach will then identify tactics that will help you reach your business goals and fit within your budget.

Step 3: Marketing Summary & Action Plan

In this step of our marketing process, your Marketing Coach now has the information and initial feedback to create a Marketing Summary & Action Plan.

This step is not the development of a formal Marketing Plan suitable for submission to potential lenders or venture capitalists.

The Marketing Summary & Action Plan is not a useless, stuffy document that will get filed away and never used; unless you typically take road trips with a specific destination and refuse to use a GPS or map.

This Summary & Plan is a living document that will:

  • Summarize past marketing activities discovered in the Marketing Audit
  • Identify all audiences and how best to present to each
  • Detail specific marketing activities across multiple medias
  • Present opportunities for Reputation Management, Client Retention, and other often-overlooked initiatives that will boost your business
  • Creates a calendar of marketing activities that your team, or Aptus Marketing, can use to schedule marketing campaigns

The Marketing Summary & Action Plan lays out a plan of action to grow your client base, maximize profits from existing clients, and increase your market share.

This document should be reviewed quarterly and tweaked based on response rates, sales reports, and other marketing success data.

The Final Step of our Getting-to-Know-You Marketing Process: Welcome to the Team!

After creating a Marketing Summary & Action Plan, we can determine how best to assist you in meeting your business goals.

So far, we have learned about your business, experienced the culture of your company, understood your business goals, given initial advice and direction, communicated our understanding of these things in a Marketing Summary, and recommended an Action Plan.

Where Do We Go From Here?

We have three options, or combination of options:

1. Virtual Marketing Director

Acting as your Virtual Marketing Director, we can either manage your current marketing team (and/or 3rd party providers) or marketing services provided by Aptus Marketing & Development.

Learn More about the Virtual Marketing Director program

2. Marketing Coaching

You may have a full marketing team in place, be a do it yourself style business owner, or just need guidance and accountability. Our Marketing Coaching program is perfect for you with coaching sessions once a month, or more frequently if needed.

Learn More about our Marketing Coaching program

3. Marketing Services

For over 15 years, Aptus Marketing and Development has provided marketing services to small businesses and ministries, helping them achieve their business goals.

Learn More about our Marketing Services

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