marketing-strategyMarketing Strategy

Aptus will assist you with your complete marketing mix. Any successful company needs to plan, do, reflect, and adjust. We will assist you in planning your marketing strategy, implementing the planned marketing actions, reviewing the success of marketing efforts overall and by campaign, and adjust to run with the winners and modify low performing marketing efforts.

Our marketing strategies are developed based on your organization’s specific needs. We learn everything we can about our clients – their market, their business, their operations – everything. We then brainstorm and develop a specific marketing strategy and marketing action plan to meet the needs, business goals, and budget of our client.

We use the resulting marketing strategies and marketing action plan to implement the client’s marketing efforts. The marketing mix is then set in motion. Plan the work and work the plan.

Periodically, or after a specific marketing campaign runs, we stop and measure the success by installing website analytics to measure website traffic, website traffic sources, e-commerce success, ghost phone numbers, and other factors. We measure social media interaction. Other unique, measurable devices are used as often as possible in offline marketing efforts to gather as much data as possible to measure the success of our plan.

After measuring the success of the marketing initiatives, we develop recommendations to our clients on what is working, what needs improvement, and how we can improve performance.