Aorta Content Management System

Aptus Marketing and Development has developed its own content management system - Aorta. Some may question why create another content management system when there are several free ones already available. The answer is simple, we can easily customize the system to exceed client desires.

The Aorta content management system gives our clients the ability to easily modify:

Announcements: Quick announcements and updates usually found on the homepage of a website.

Articles: Informative articles fed to the home page and also archived by topic on the website.

Events: Information about your upcoming events fed to your home page and also available in the Events section.

People: Easily add and update, staff, Board of Directors, volunteers and other personal contacts.

Photos: A photo gallery on the website.

Links: Organize links by categories.

Downloads: Categorize downloads in a variety of formats.

Contacts: Set topics and designate email contacts for use in the Contact Us form.

And there is a Store module that can also be installed to quickly setup ecommerce.

The Aorta content management system has a flat rate installation fee with additional customizations available based on "by the hour" billing.


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